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Reason Trance Lead Templates Volume 1

Here you find a selection of various lead templats for Reason,mostly covering uplifting trance.

What you get:

- 18 single reason templates containing sounds and demonstration melodies for trance music
- downward compatibility down to Reason 2.5
- CPU saving methods of production

01 Significant
02 Airwaving
03 Progressive Gates
04 Soft Sawlead
05 The Deep Blue Sea
06 Kai T. Oldschool
07 Classic Trance Lead
08 Jean Michel
09 Classical
10 Chord Subtractor
11 Cosmic Inspirated
12 Chilldeep
13 Megalayered
14 Synaesgate
15 Super Saw Portamento
16 Leaving Now
17 Supersawish I
18 Supersawish II

The melodies provided in the different RNS-files are for demo purposes only.
You're not allowed to use it in your own tracks.

Most of these melodies have already been used in my own commercial releases.


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