4 in1 FL Studio Bundle (Idea Work FL Remake of Armin Van Buuren Style)




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This bundle represents my works / Armin Van Buuren / Alexander Popov / Trance, Progresive Trance style EDM templates for FL Studio.


The pack contains 4 templates which can be used for learning purposes to upgrade your producing skills.


Bundle Pack Templates Previews



Armin Van Buuren - Intense (Idea Work Remake)




Armin Van Buuren - Mirage (Idea Work Remake)




Armin Van Buuren - Ping Pong (Idea Work Remake)




Armin Van Buuren - Together (Idea Work Remake)





Software: FL Studio (v.12 & up required)

Duration: Various (full tracks)

Plug-ins required: 4Front TruePianos, A.O.M Invisible Limiter, Brainworks Control V2, Camel Crusher, Crunchessor, FabFilter Pro-C, FabFilter Pro-Q 2, FabFilter Saturn, Maag EQ4, Massive, Nexus2, Nicky Romero Kickstart, Ozone 5, SPL Vitalizer MK2-T, Sausage Fattener, Spire, Sylenth VTX, Sylenth1, TT Dynamic Range Meter, The Glue, Waves 9.



If you have any questions please ask your question in comments or send me a private message.


The melodies of these tracks are copyrighted and can not be used as yours. The vocals / acapellas has been used for demo purposes only and cannot be used as yours without author(s) permissions.



Facebook: www.facebook.com/tony.forby
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/tony-forby
VK: vk.com/tonyforbymusic
YouTube : youtube.com/channel/UCIa9Vn8ODPQj9ZezErR3jl



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