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Timeless Trance, Electro and EDM Leads Volume 1.

Here you find a selection of various lead templates created in Logic Pro 9.1.8.


(Tested with Logic 9.1.8 and Logic X).

What is special about this template package:

Everything was done using Logic's internal plugins only. Even the Trancegates were created with sidechain and Logic's Silvergate. Furthermore the CPU usage is rather low. And so the sounds should also work well on your old legacy Macbook. :-)

What you get:

- 18 single Logic Pro templates containing sounds and demonstration melodies for trance music (no waves, everything synths and midi);

- only internal plugins used, no 3rd party plugins required;

- relatively low CPU usage even on smaller and older MACs (tested on a 2012 Mac Mini and a 2008 Mac Pro);

- special trance gate sounds created with Logic's internal plugs;

File listed:

  • 01 Significant
  • 02 Airwaving
  • 03 Progressive Gates
  • 04 Soft Sawlead
  • 05 The Deep Blue Sea
  • 06 Kai T.
  • 07 Classic Trance Lead
  • 08 Jean Michel
  • 09 Classical
  • 10 Chord Subtractor
  • 11  Cosmic Inspirated
  • 12 Chilldeep
  • 13 Megalayered
  • 14 Synaesgate
  • 15 Super Saw Portamento
  • 16 Leaving Now
  • 17 Supersawish I Ranky & Ferry
  • 18 Supersawish II C. Blanche

The melodies provided in the different files are for demo purposes only.


You're not allowed to use them in your own tracks.They are copyrighted.

Most of these melodies have already been used in my own commercial releases.

But feel free to use your own melodies with this package.

You can also get a Reason version here:


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