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This Ableton Live project was created to teach you how to write a sound in the style of Gaia, you will learn how to create bass, plucks, pads and other elements. Also, with the help of a mastering project, teach how to finalize the track.

Software required: Ableton Live Suite v.10.2 or up.

Ableton Project Preview

Universal - Big Room Trance Ableton (Gaia Style)

Project Specifications:

All channels: 54

Midi channels: 21

Audio channels: 23

Plugins / VST's:

1. Waves 9

2. FabFilter Pro-Q

3. Sonic Sweet

4. URS Saturation (Native Instruments)

5. Kickstart

6. Arts Acoustic

7. Transient Shaper

8. Sylenth1

9. Omnisphere

10. Spire 1-1

11. Kontakt (Audio track included)

For use project with mastering channel you need plugins:

1. iZotope Ozone 5

2. FabFilter Pro-L

  • hi there, is any way to get this one with news vst fab filter proq2, or 3, ozone 8? and what transient shaper are you using in the template? and any discount for 2 templates?

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