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Progresive Trance template for FL Studio. 

Project Specifications

Software: FL Studio (v.20.04 & up)

-- Synth version: Spire v1.1.13,  Sylenth v3.041,  reFX Nexus v2.2, Massive v1.3.0, Kontakt 5 v5.8.1 (Library VOcalise Gravity Pack 02, Styrings Ensemble),  Omnisphere 2 v2.0.3, 3xOsc,  G-Sonique Alien 303 v.

-- Plugins Mixer: s(M) Exocope,  Fabfilter Pro-Q2, Fabfilter Pro-R, KickStar, The Glue v 1.3.19, LFOTool, Valhalla Vintage Verb v1.5.0.

Important: Author has no responsability of absence of certain plug-ins or specific versions, clearly indicated in the description!


  • Ofourse the author would have no "RESPONSABILITY". Copy pasting frainbreeze's description, putting up low - quality shitty templates with gape worthy prices is so cool!

    Wonder when producerbox will update their quality control game? Reminds me of Edward South who ruined his life due to scamming people

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