Brand new Ableton 10 template from Plus Thirty is here ! Ableton 10 template with free royalties for everyone. Download a product and use that style for your tracks or remixes. Floga is a melodic progressive techno track where based on synapse dune 3 VST and only that you need! With Free royalties you can use everything samples,midi,arrangment e.t.c for your project and of course it gives you the ability to produce other ideas.

Product Specs

Daw / basic vst / plug-ins:

- Ableton Live 10

- Synapse / Dune 3 version 3.07

- Valhalla Vintage Verb version 1.7.1

- 10 MIDI

- 25 AUDIO

- 2 SEND

- Master chain (all plug ins from ableton live 10)


  • 1 Ableton 10 Template
  • Masters (1WAV + 1MP3)

Don't forget to send us your msg for everything you need and will reply asap! Product is 100% Handmake from Plus Thirty. Don't miss it!

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