Logic Pro X Template Download for 'Victory' by film composer Jon Brooks (TrackSonix).

Cinematic, heroic and victorious dramatic music. Epic winning majestic musical theme with a grand climax. Ideal for advisements, stings, rpg, games, idents, advertising, computer games, trailer tracks and film scores. It could depict an intense battle, a superhero challenging his enemy or a sporting win. Music for a hero, or a heroine!

Instrumentation includes: Brass, Drums, Strings, Choir, Percussion and Orchestra. Orchestral Music, Intro, Power, Suspense, Aggressive and Triumphant. Battle, War, Army, Olympic. Dynamic and intense.

Download Size: 30.3 MB

Uncompressed Size: 40.2 MB

Music Track Duration: 00:15

Key: F minor

Music Producer: Jon Brooks (TrackSonix)

Note: It is likely that you will have to replace some of the instruments or plugins for similar ones unless you have them all yourself; otherwise playback might be a little different. Some audio files are included but not the sample libraries.

Audio Channels: 14

MIDI Channels: 39

Bus Channels: 1

Victory - Logic Pro X Template Epic Orchestral Music Arrangement


  • Gran Cassa (Audio)
  • Percussion Accent (Audio)
  • Cymbal Roll (Audio)
  • Belltree (Audio)
  • Orchestral Kit (Audio)
  • Percussion (Audio)
  • Cymbal Crashes (Audio)
  • Triangle Roll (Audio)
  • Tam Tam (Audio)
  • String Horror (Audio)
  • Choir (Audio)
  • Violins (Vienna Instruments)
  • Violas (Vienna Instruments)
  • Cellos (Vienna Instruments)
  • String Ensemble Spiccato (Project SAM)
  • String Ensemble Staccato (Project SAM)
  • String Ensemble Sustain (Project SAM)
  • Trumpet (Vienna Instruments)
  • Trumpet Staccato (East West)
  • French Horns (Vienna Instruments)
  • French Horns (VSL)
  • Trombone Swells (SAM Trombones)
  • Trombone Sustain (SAM Trombones)
  • Brass Ensemble Staccato (Project SAM)
  • Tubular Bells (East West)
  • True Strike (Project SAM)
  • Gran Cassa True Strike (Project SAM)
  • Titan Ensemble (Drums of War)
  • Army of Doom (Drums of War)
  • Timpani (VSL)
  • Sonic Boom (Distorted Reality)
  • Pulsing Morph (Logic Pro X Factory)
  • Male Shouts/Female Staccato/ Male/Female Sustain (East West)
  • Drums (EzDrummer)

Victory - Logic Pro X Template Epic Orchestral Music Mixer Window

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