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Sylenth Presets, MIDI Files & Samples.

Inspired by classic 90s Rave / EuroDance, this pack is loaded with punchy kicks, uplifting melodies, rush-worthy pianos and a load of Sylenth presets to inspire your next Rave anthem!

The piano riffs are recorded on the classic Korg M1 piano used in countless dance tracks back in the day, and the MIDI's are included if you want to run them through your own instruments.

There's also 15 song's worth of fresh, original MIDIs you can use to make your own tracks.

  • 30 x Punchy Euro Kick Drums
  • 14 x Piano Riffs (MIDI + Stems)
  • 42 x MIDI Files (for 15 Different Songs!)
  • 60 x Sylenth1 Presets

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