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This fully customizable uplifting trance template for Ableton Live 8 (works also on Live 9) will show and help you to achieve of that professional, big, driving sound in trance. Template is based on my own track, "Glacier" which I've remade for you. It's even better than my original.
Project sounds like exactly the same as in the audio preview so I've not mastered it at all. Uses mostly Ableton Live factory effects and plug-ins.
You can use any of the sounds and presets Which are in a separate folders for your own productions.

• Duration: 05:40

• DAW: Ableton Live 8 (works also on Live 9)

• Required Plug-ins:

> FabFilter Pro Q
> Massive
> Sylenth1
> reFX Nexus2
> TAL-Flanger
> Zebra2
> OhmBoyz (optional, used in bassline delay)
☝  Feel free to ask your questions by comment or email.


Ableton Live Template

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