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This great Cubase template will show you how to acheive good energy and drive in a track, I will show you how to treat and route the following:

  • Kick
  • Sub bass
  • Mid basses
  • Percussion
  • Ambience
  • Fx

PLEASE NOTE: This is a template of the above sounds only and not a full construction pack, i have created this as a basis for you to build your own tracks. have fun.

Length: 01:36

DAW: Cubase

Plugins needed:

  • ArtsAcoustic Reverb
  • Fabfilter Pro-C
  • Fabfilter Pro-Q
  • Fabfilter Timeless
  • Gladiator
  • iZotope Ozone 5
  • Sylenth1
  • Xfer LFO Tool

Project Tips

  • You can replace any of the sounds and they will fit right into the mix.
  • Be sure to watch out for automation of the filter on master channel and the bypassing of the side-chain emulation.
  • I have edited readily available sample packs and soundbanks in this template and it recommended to replace the sounds with your own work.

NOTE: This is a template to allow you to build on what i have created with each channel treated and ready to use and not a full track.

 This is THE perfect template for those who want to achieve the hard driving energy of the big monster 140 bangers.

* FYI- this is the basis of my latest rework "Ralph Fridge - Angle" (Darren Porter 2013 Rework).

8 Cubase Templates Trance Bundle by Darren Porter

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