Audioking make the project in the style of Progressive house. Where are the sounds of such DJ’s as Sebjak, Jaz Von D, and many other producers and DJs of the edm scene. With the creation of this Project-lesson is taken exactly the style of track Sebjak & Jaz Von D - Into The Wild.



1. Image-Line - FL Studio v11.1.0
2. LennarDigital - Sylenth1 v2.21
3. Fab Filter - Pro C v1.0.0
4. KVR: CamelCrusher - Camel Audio v1.0.0
5. Variety Of Sound - FerricTDS v1.5.1
5. Cytomic - The Glue v1.2.8
7. Izotope - Ozone 5 Advanced


The rest of the free plug-ins are in the zip

 Ghost Producers :

Standart ( €100 \ Track )

  • Mastered WAV File
  • Files FLStudio/Ableton Live (Project)
  • Remix Pack
  • 24\7 support
  • All Rights


Email : [email protected]
Skype : audiokingnet



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