I am proud to present my brand new collection of kits for Vengeance-Sound Phalanx Sampler.

--> Walk-through video 1: http://youtu.be/APT1beEKZAg

In detail expect to find 140 MB of wav 24 bit samples, including a hard punchy Kick, a recreation of the famous and modern Jack U Snare-Sound by Skrillex, some sounds created with my Virus Ti synthesizer, 13 VOCAL Samples recorded at my studio, 1 Fx-Chain, 35 PAD Presets, 7 Bank-Kits to choose, and 2 bonus kontakt5 Instruments.

All Sounds have been recorded, created and processed with HQ equipment and ready to plug & play.

--> Video Audio Demo 2: http://youtu.be/6vuR-H3aQlg

Ideal for Trap, D & B, Glitch and Bass producers, my first Phalanx Kit includes:

1. 35 Pad Presets.
--> Video Demo: http://youtu.be/xJ4vc9cWD1Q

2. 6 Phalanx Banks
--> Video Demo: http://youtu.be/V3CPd7An_to
    1-Modern Trap Kit 001a
    2-Modern Trap Kit 001b
    3-Modern Trap Kit 001c
    4-Modern Trap Kit 001d
    5-Modern Trap Kit 001e
    6-Modern Trap Kit 001f
    7-Modern Trap Kit Vocals

3. Effect Chain
    1. Ambience-1.phalanxFX

4. Bonus 2Kontakt5 Instruments

More Video demos:
-->  The Vocals: http://youtu.be/N-d-f8tHzQ8
-->  Bonus Kontakt5 instruments: http://youtu.be/AHjbA49Zunw
-->  The Samples: http://youtu.be/7ad3j7FXGRU



Vengeance Sound Phalanx

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