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This template is just a short Build up with a Drop behind it. But maybe, that's the sound what you are looking for.




• Duration: 00:30

• DAW: Logic Pro

• Required Plug-ins:

- FabFilter Pro-C

- FabFilter Pro-L

- FabFilter Pro Q

- FabFilter Saturn

- Nicky Romero Kickstart

- Ozone 5

- Sausage Fattener

- Spire

- Sylenth1

- Camelphat 3

- Noveltech Character

- Trackspacer

- Rough Rider (Free Plugin)




Logic Pro Template Screenshot Template / Project





For any support you can send me an email via my profile.



Have fun!





Logic Pro Template

  • Hey buddy, I bought the template but I have it not be opened because of the plug-Nexus2, because I do not. Can I please this template without Nexus2 or replace Nexus1.

  • Normally, if you don´t own some Plugins they are crossed out but
    anyhow you can open the Projekt! I speak from experience.
    I can send you, unfortunately no other project because I do not know if you've bought it.

  • QSound doesn't bought it!
    He need to have this badge if he bough it purchased

    Great job btw

  • Thank-You ForEarth! QSound I could attach an extra copy without Nexus for you. But to be honest, in the case of this template I would not buy if I did not have Nexus2. I will produce in the future also templates which are made only with Sylenth1. Perhaps they are indeed something for you.

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