This is my fourth template made for Ableton Live producers.

I decided to start creating an uplifting basslines series templates. I will try to make at least one volume every month so stay up to date about upcoming releases here on ProducerBox.

I hope it will help you to create a great uplifting trance basslines for your tracks.


Length: 01:44 (Bassline Only)

DAW: Ableton v.8, v.9 & v10;


  • FabFilter Pro-Q 2 (FabFilter Pro Q 1 will not work)
  • Spire (Spire presets available)
  • Sylenth1 (v.2.21 or up /  presets available)

Ableton Project Previews

-- Screenshot --

Ableton Live Project Preview

-- Video Preview --

Ableton Live Project Video Preview


If you need any support, please use comments or send me an email via my profile!


This template is for learning purpose only! You a free to use any elements of it to create your own tracks.

Enjoy & Thank you for purchasing!

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