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Do you love to produce EDM and Electro/House, but still love that fresh new sound of Future House?
Or perhaps you're a Future House producer, but still love the elements of EDM and Electro/House?
Either way, you don't have to look any further!


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THE ONE-Series and GOGOi Sounds have teamed up and created "Future Electro", combining the best of both worlds.
With this package you receive a powerful library of both sounds and melodies to be used in your productions, with both Massive presets and Sylenth presets included.
Here you will find the sweet timbres and pitch combinations from Future House, combined with the intensity and characteristics from Electro/House and EDM.

All Massive presets have been created using advanced synthesis, and have been made to be as fat and mean as possible.
Every Massive preset have all 8 Macros assigned in such a way that you get a good overview and control of the sound, and gives you the ability to both control the sonic quality as well as the artistic character of the sound.
Plenty of Velocity and Randomize linking have been setup in the presets, all to make the patches respond as good as possible.

The Sylenth presets come in warm analogue synths, phat bottom basses and animated pads that gives your production that chill and analog vibe.
Fusing Future House and classic electro to bring you Futuristic sound textures for innovative EDM.

All MIDI loops feature strong usage of Velocity editing, and all notelengths have been set to the perfect length for each melody.

Have a look on the MP3 demo song and see for yourselves, how vast the possibilities for your music become by getting this package!

Full specifications:
 - 50 MIDI Loops
     - 23 Bass loops
     - 8 Lead loops
     - 8 Pad loops
     - 2 Pluck loops
     - 4 Supersaw loops
     - 5 Synth loops

 - 50 NI Massive Presets
     - 11 Basses
     - 10 Dark Leads
     - 5 Light Leads
     - 4 FX
     - 5 Pads
     - 4 Plucks
     - 4 Risers
     - 7 Supersaws

 - 50 Sylenth Presets
     - 20 Basses
     - 10 Pads
     - 15 Synths
     - 5 Leads

NOTE: This product require NI Massive version 1.4, as well as Sylenth1 version 2.2.1. This product does neither contain a copy of the synth Massive, nor a copy of the synth Sylenth1.



Sylenth1 Presets & Massive Presets



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