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- 1 Trance Lauchpad 136bpm Project.
- 47 Midi.
- 81 Wav sounds.
- 1 Trance Sylenth1.fxb
- 1 Progressive Sylenth1.fxb
- 1 Tomorrows Anthems Sylenth1.fxb
- 1 Melbourne Bounce Anthems Spire.sbf
- 50 Wobble House Massive Presets


FabulousMP3 Multi-band Compression v.3.01 PORTABLE WiN

FabulousMP3 is a multi-band compression audio processor that can be used to edit and enhance the sound properties of your MP3 and WAV files. It
simulates a professional broadcasting processor and provides several presets that gives your music sound more richness and punch, or use the
manual adjustment to achieve the sound that you prefer. In case you have a lot of music recordings from analog sources that dates back to the
60's or 70's, you can can reprocess that audio to get a cleaner and more modern sound that will be more compatible with current recordings. You
will notice that FabulousMP3 has the quite accomplished sound quality with loudness, compared with any other PC based multiband processor.

Main sound processing features:
* 6 band peak limiter/compressor to get sound louder (Adaptive automatic equalizer for every sound source)
* 2 band AGC(Automatic Gain Controller) located before the multiband limiter
* 6 band noise gate with gentle AGC
* Bass parametric equalizer to give the bass sound more PUNCH
* Phase shifter to create louder bass sound
* 3 Modes Stereo enhancer to create wider stereo image
* Bass Clipper to change the bass attack of kick drum or bass guitar
* Useful 10 factory presets and 3 programmable user's presets
* Supports Pre-emphasis and De-emphasis filters for simulating FM broadcast




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Psychedelic Trance Ableton Project

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