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The Driving Uplifting Project Vol 1, its the newest project from us - NextProducers, and it's the first template from the "next level" series which we started.

This template covers the modern sounding of the uplifting trance music, more powerful, more aggressive, more driving and with a higher quality.

Also, we used more plugins than usual, which will help you to come closer to the sound that you really want to achieve.


Project Details


{L} Length: 06:22
{D} DAW: made in Ableton Live 8.3.4 (works on Ableton 9 also)
{P} Used VST's:

✓ Autotune

✓ Camel Phat 3

✓ FabFilter Pro-Q 2

✓ FabFilter Saturn

✓ Fabfilter Timeless 2

✓ Invisible Limiter

✓ iZotope Trash 2

✓ Massive

✓ Ohmicide

✓ Spire

✓ SPL Free Ranger

✓ SPL Transient Designer

✓ Sylenth1 (v.2.21 or up)

✓ TP Basslane

✓ Valhalla VintageVerb

✓ Volume Shaper

✓ Waves Renaissance Bass

✓ Waves Renaissance Compressor

✓ Waves CLA Vocals


Video Preview



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