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This template is a professional, club ready production with no expenses spared, made by a producer with 10 years of experience with Ableton Live who has has had releases supported by the likes of Armin Van Burren, Mark Sherry, Above & Beyond, Sean Tyas, and many more.


The aim of this project is to give you a rare insight into the way a professional song is pieced together and arranged, and to pass on some good production habits.


In addition to the notes left on the arrangement view, I have left notes on the info text of each track which provide handy insight and explanation into each element of the song. You can access these by right clicking on a track name and clicking “Edit info text”.


Inspired by the likes of Dan Stone, Daniel Kandi and others, and is a throwback to the older classic uplifting trance sound made popular by Anjunabeats older releases, brought up to date with modern sounds.


To keep things accessible and simple, I have minimised my use of external plugins in favor of Ableton Live’s own. Ableton Live's own effects units are very good, and are more than enough to produce something professional. I have kept things very "to the point" and only used what is needed. This project file only has 20 tracks and 3 returns(!)


For this reason, all you will need to open and run this project file is:
- Ableton Live 9.5 (I made this on 9.6 Build 2016-01-22 but is confirmed working on 9.5)
- Xfer’s Serum VSTi version 1.073 or later. (See Serum’s “About” for more info on your version)


Project Screenshots


Ableton Live Screenshot Project Template Window   Ableton Live Screenshot Project Template Window


- EverLight



Ableton Live Template / Project

  • This track is SO GOOD... I am a huge fan of Kandi and Stone. You have captured the spirit of their music, yet with your own twist. Can I ask you which DAW you use and what vst you use for the lead coming out of the soft breakdown. I am trying to get to your level...

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