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In this Ableton Live template I will show you the process needed to acheive big thick lush pads in your breakdown.

Project Features

  • Main chord pad
  • Bass pad
  • Top layer pad
  • Automation of filters
  • Ambiences

Please Tips:

  • This is a template of the above sounds only and not a full construction pack, i have created this as a basis for you to build your own tracks. have fun.
  • You will see how you automate the filters to achieve movement, how to layer pads in octaves and also how to apply reverb and panning.
  • I have edited readily available sample packs and soundbanks in this template and it recommended to replace the sounds with your own work.

Ableton Project Specs

Duration: 01:25
DAW: Ableton 9 (ONLY!)
VST's needed:
  • ArtsAcoustic Reverb
  • Fabfilter Pro-C
  • Fabfilter Pro-Q
  • Fabilter Timeless
  • iZotope Ozone 5
  • Nexus 1.4 (standard expansion)
  • Sylenth1
[INFO] I have also applied a gentle polish on the master channel which you can remove to hear the difference, there you will see multiband compression being used to keep all those reverb saw pads under control.

Ableton projects converted by Giorgio Campos.

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