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Here we are again!

After a short period of lack of activity, we are back with a new project for you.

This time we decided to re-create one of the most popular sound in the EDM scene nowadays - Dash Berlin sound.


Being one of the most popular DJ in the whole world and rated nr. 7 by DJ Magazine, Dash Berlin managed to keep his sound fresh in the past few years, and almost every single track is a hit bomb. His works like "Till The Sky Falls Down", "Disarm Yourself", "Earth Hour", "Apollo Road", are known in the entire world and have milions of views on the youtube channel. It was not a surprise that a lot of people requested such a project. Now it's done and it's waiting for you to check it out.

Used plug-ins:
✓ Sylenth1 (v 2.21 or up required)
✓ Massive
✓ TruePianos



❖ If you don't have one or more required VST's, we can export all sounds for you. Just tell us about this, and we will send you another project with all sounds included!


✉ Have any questions? Go to FAQs page or Contact us.




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