Here is an Ableton Trance project of a full track i made for the site which has sounds and techniques used from my own releases, it has a dark, progressive sound to it which you might hear in sets such as Markus Schulz or any of the Coldharbour Dj's etc, ive made good use of the return channels in this track to minimize the amount of additional fx needed on each channels and kept the external vsts used to a minimum.


All of the synth, bass, pluck and pads are from synths not audio wavs ! with use of effects and automation to get the desired sounds!


all percussion has been made with a combination of 1 shots samples with midi patterns and some audio loops i have edited to suit the track with added fx and tricks to get the desired sound i was after.


the track has alot of eq mainly to cut out the unwanted frequencies with automation of eq and volume to allow it take take away where there not needed and back in when they are, a technique lost in a lot of productions i feel!


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