Uplifting Trance Groove FL Studio Bundle (5 in 1)




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Full package with 5 uplifting trance groove projects for FL Studio EDM producers.

If you love fat trance basses, powerful kicks, acid & air percussion, this pack is better choice with better price.

You can listen them all below:

1) Uplifting Trance Groove Vol. 1

Download Demo

2) Uplifting Trance Groove Vol. 2

Download Demo

3) Uplifting Trance Groove Vol. 3

Download Demo

Uplifting Trance Groove Vol. 4

Download Demo

5) Uplifting Trance Groove Vol. 5

Download Demo

Used Software:

Project #1: FL Studio v.10.0.9

Project #2: FL Studio v.10.0.9

Project #3: FL Studio v.11.1.1

Project #4: FL Studio v.11.1.1

Project #5: FL Studio v.11.1.1

Require FL Studio v.10 & up

Plug-ins Required:

  • ANA Synth
  • FabFilter Pro-C
  • FabFilter Pro-L
  • FabFilter Pro-Q
  • FabFilter Pro-Q 2
  • FabFilter Timeless 2
  • Massive
  • Nicky Romero Kickstart
  • Sausage Fattener
  • Spire
  • Sylenth1
  • TrackS1 Bundle
  • Waves S1 Imager

To view the list of used plug-ins for each project click on the respective project title above.

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