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Melbourne Bounce Bundle 2.0 is our updated deal from the original Melbourne Bounce Bundle. We can now offer all four of our Melbourne Bounce kits merged together into one superpackage!

The package covers the fundamentals of Melbourne Bounce production - lead presets, bass presets, MIDI loops, and a solid template to create music in.
This make this bundle a great starting package if you want to start producing Melbourne Bounce music - or if you simply want to bulk buy Melbourne Bounce sounds to save money.

In any way, you can be assured to receive material matching your highest expectations.
Each preset feature high end sound design with balanced settings, as well as randomizing and velocity linking to give a professional sounding preset that responds in a natural way when being played. All 8 macros are assigned on
each sound.

The MIDI loops feature precise adjustements on note velocity and note lengths, to enhance the presets linked to the MIDIs.
And last but not least, we have the template - with plenty of tasks already taken care of, to let you focus more on the music and less on the routing and organizing, and to get started faster. No more forgetting your initial idea because you were too busy setting up the DAW project!
For instance all mixer channels have sidechain setup and ready, you have reverb sends ready to be used, and much more.

If you still don't believe in the quality of this library, we're sure the demo songs will convince you!

Packages included:
 - THE ONE: Melbourne Leads
 - THE ONE: Melbourne Basses
 - THE ONE: Bounce Melodies
 - THE ONE: Bouncy FL

Full specification:
 - 50 NI Massive lead presets
 - 50 NI Massive bass presets
 - 100 MIDI loops
 - 1 FL Studio 12 template aimed at Melbourne Bounce, with additional template files
 - Bonus files

NOTE: Massive version 1.4 and up is required, as well as FL Studio version 12.1.3. This product does not contain a copy of the synth Massive, neither a copy of FL Studio.




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