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This is a mega trance bass for FL Studio. For those who love that harder trance sound this project is for you!


Use this simple template to learn and build from to create your own trance tracks.


Expore a very well done structure of a track and learn how to make the similar. Enhance your sound producing skills!


Project Specs


Software: FL Studio (used v.12.4 / require v.12 & up)

Plug-ins: ArtsAcoustic Reverb // FabFilter Pro-Q 2 // FabFilter Saturn // LFO Tool // Massive // Nicky Romero Kickstart // Sausage Fattener // Sylenth1 // Valhalla VintageVerb // CamelCrusher;


Questions & Support


Ask common questions in comments or send me an email if any template support needed.


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