If you are looking to get a fresh template inspired by HEXAGON Records and artists like Don Diablo, Zonderling, Dzeko and others you are in the right place.

This project heavy automation processing with 2 different breakdowns, 2 different builds and 2 type of groove for each drop. the song has heavy drop with a lot of groove variations at every 8 beats and a catchy breakdown which includes vocal chops.

The song is mixed and mastered. You can find in the project's folder 15 sylenth presets which were used in this project. Also I created a separated template for mastering only. The folder also contains the mixed version , mastered version and an mp3 mastered version. Also, i exported the midi channels of this project.

So get this song till it's hot!

This product contains:

  • 5 Separated Groups
  • Drums Group: 23 wavs
  • Bass Group: 3 midi channels / 2 sylenth and 1 refx nexus
  • Drop Grup: 11 midi channels / 11 sylenth
  • Break Group: 7 midi channels and 3 wavs / 7 nexus channels - piano sounds only
  • Fx Group: 17 wav channels / 3 midi channels / 3 sylenth channels

- All project contains 77 channels which are 24 midi channels and 53 wavs.

- 15 Sylenth presets and midi channels had been exported in 2 different folders.
- Also a mastered wav / mp3 and unmastered version of this song can be found on another folder.

Happy Producing!

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