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Progressive Trance Template Vol.2 - Anjunabeats, Armada Style.


This new Prorgessive Trance template is complete with all the organized elements you need to learn how to make a progressive Trance track from start to finish. Starting with a moogish bassline, long uplifting breakdown and stunning chords progression for the melodic drop.


The use of every VST is specified in case you don't own the software you can easily replace it with you own, the project is organized with names and colors to simplify the use and not get lost in the DAW, so you always now what you are missing and where you have to replace you files.


Please note that the melody of the track is copyrighted and cannot be used as your own or as a part of your track or any other work. The project is intended to be used for learning and demo purposes only!



Third Party VST's:

  • Sylenth1 2.1 (Bass, Lead, Pluks, Pads)
  • The Glue
  • LFOTool 2.5
  • ValhallaVintageVerb
  • Bionic Delay FREE
  • xFer OTT FREE
  • Camel Crusher FREE
  • A1StereoControl FREE
  • FabFilter Pro-L (Master Only)


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