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Uplifting Trance Bassline Vol. 3

Third project of the serie, I'm going to create different uplifting and progressive trance bassline with different elements, sounds and techniques.

This projects will show you how I made the track, how to layer bassline, leads, pads, chords or every element in the track to make it sound full and professional.

Please note that the melody of the track is copyrighted and cannot be used as your own or as a part of your track or any other work. The project is intended to be used for learning and demo purposes only!



Third Party VSTs:

  • Spire 1.0.13 (Pads, Bassline, Pluks, Sub)
  • Sylenth1 (Chords, Arp)
  • Valhalla VintageVerb 1.5
  • xFer LFOTool 1.5
  • xFer OTT FREE
  • A1StereoControl FREE
  • bionic Delay FREE
  • Camel Crusher FREE
  • FabFilter Pro-L (Master Only)



[ ! ] Enjoy the full track well done in FL Studio 12.


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