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Hi all. I present to you a new template, or rather my track in the style of Psy Trance.


The release of this track was on the label Suanda Dark Release: 15-01-2018. The track is called Axel Walters - New Line.


I want to show you how i created this track. You can take all the samples here and use them in their tracks.


If you like this style and you want that I helped you to write such a track, you can contact me by email axelwaltersmusic [at]


This is the track played in such radio shows as:

  • Roman Messer - Suanda Music 104 (09-01-2018)
  • Indecent Noise - Mental Asylum Radio 145
  • Elite Electronic - Full Charge Sessions 124
  • Photographer - SoundCasting 189
  • Vadim Bonkrashkov - Between The Stars #052


• Tempo: 140bpm

• Duration: 05:51

• DAW: Ableton Live [used 9.5 ]

• Required Plug-ins:

- Nexus 2.2
- Spire 1.1.9
- Sylenth 1
- Massive
- Gladiator
- Pro-Q,Volume Shaper4,Pro-Q2
- L2-Stereo,R-Bass Stereo, SSL-Channel Stereo, SSL Comp Stereo
- H-Comp Stereo, L3-LL Ultra Stereo, H-Delay Stereo
- FabFilter Pro-MB, TransX Multi Stereo, Audio Damage EOS
- CLA-3A Stereo, Soundtoys PanMan, Soundtpys LittleAlterBoy

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