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We decided to merge together our Progressive Plucks soundbanks and our Progressive House FL Studio template kit - to one solid bundle.

This makes up the Progressive House Bundle - a powerful production package for making solid Progressive House music.

Perhaps you're just starting out, and need a starter kit? Or maybe you're a seasoned producer who just can't get your pluck synths right, or your melodies straight? Or maybe you need to step up your DAW workflow?

Then this package is definately for you!

In this package you'll find both Sylenth and Massive presets, with balanced and professional sounding pluck and stab synths that cut through the music properly to make your tracks shine.

Designing these pluck sounds, we've made sure they stay balanced all the way from being in a closed state, to when they are fully opened up. This involve full utilization on the Mod Wheel in Sylenth, and full Macro control in Massive.

The MIDI loops feature warm and rich melodies with powerful velocity linking and note lengths, that will make your pluck progressions inspire people.

The template feature strong routing and finished settings, to allow you to focus more on the music and less on preparing the DAW project.

Packages included:

 - THE ONE: Progressive Plucks

 - THE ONE: Progressive Plucks 2

 - Progressive FL

Full specifications:

 - 24 Sylenth pluck presets

 - 24 Massive pluck presets

 - 80 MIDI loops

 - 1 FL Studio Template

 - Bonus files

All sounds are 100 % royalty free, and can bee used in any production without any limitations.

NOTE: Sylenth1 version 3.010 and up is required, as well as Massive 1.4 and up, as well as FL Studio 12.1.3 and up. This product does not contain a copy of the synth Sylenth1, neither a copy of the synth Massive, neither a copy of FL Studio 12.1.3.

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