Adam Ellis - Extended Tutorial Vol. 21 - Atmos & Counter Melodies




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This is the 21st episode in Adam Ellis’ extended tutorial video series dedicated to Trance Music Production. This series will cover every aspect of music production and will continually develop your skills when applied correctly. In this 1h25+ long studio session, Adam shows how to create good sounding Atmospheres & Counter Melodies in trance productions, assorted with plenty of production tricks along the way.

Who is this tutorial for?

This tutorial is for artists who want to work faster and improve their sound at the same time. It’s aimed at Logic Pro X users, but the tricks you will learn can also be applied in other DAWs.

What You Will Learn

In this 1h25+ long video studio session, Adam will show you:

  • How to create great counter-melodies for your track
  • Pattern & note selection/composition for counter-melodies
  • Layering several channels to make the sounds larger than life
  • Using filtering & automation creatively
  • Managing the track’s energy throughout the arrangement
  • Adding atmospheres to your track to make it more alive
  • Processing the key elements of your track
  • Using automation to manage energy & transitions in your arrangement
  • Making your track more interesting
  • Improving your transitions & build-ups
  • EQing & processing tips on various elements
  • and a lot more!

You can watch this video and apply the advice in your own tracks based on Adam’s instructions.

Package Contents

The video tutorial (1h25+ long, 720p quality, in English)

I’m using another DAW, not Logic Pro X. Can I still benefit from buying this tutorial?

Yes, you can still learn the concepts and techniques that Adam uses in his productions, and apply them in your own DAW.


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