The awaited future bass follow up from choco music is here!

This template is an example of how a professional future bass production is made. It will show you the type of proper layering, processing, and lots of interesting techniques such as the double sidechain effect. If you are interested in that sound, or want to learn how to produce it, this template is fantastic.

The only external plugin you will need is Serum (Invisible Limiter is used on the master for loudness but is not strictly necessary) all the Serum presets are included in a separate folder as well. Enough talking, lets get to the music now! ~choco

Software required:

- Ableton 9.7.1 or above

- Serum v1.101or above

Product Specs:

  • Audio Channels: 6 (Vox, Drums, Fx, Atmos)
  • Midi Channels: 18 (Synths, Drum Racks, Bass)
  • Serum Presets Folder
  • Compatible with Ableton 10
  • Size: 174.8 MB

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