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If you are looking for a boost of inspiration and/or a way of learning trance production faster, this emotional, melodic, yet edgy Uplifting Trance Template For FL Studio is what you’ve been looking for.

The template includes a complete arrangement with chain effects, MIDI data, automation, samples and presets. Through the study of our templates, you will learn how to create your own high-quality tracks. The content is 100% royalty-free so all the elements from this template can be used either as an educational tool or as a basis for your own tracks.


  • Study how the arrangement was put together.
  • Find out which techniques were used to build tension within the track.
  • Learn from studying each individual track (MIDI / Audio).
  • Find out how the mixing was done, and how each track was processed.
  • Learn how the melodies & bassline patterns were designed.
  • Learn from the synth presets included, which settings were used to make each type of sound.
  • Get inspired for your own productions.
  • Overall, an excellent way of learning more about producing Uplifting & Energetic Trance Music in FL Studio.


  • The template as heard in the demo.
  • All MIDI and Audio channels with FX chains and mixing included in the project.
  • All the MIDI files included in the project.
  • All the Samples included in the project.
  • All the Synthesizer presets included in the project.

Required VSTs: (If you don't own any of the plugins you can drop us an e-mail and we will export the audio stems for the plugins requested).

  • FL Studio 20.6.2 or higher
  • LennarDigital Sylenth1 v2.21 or higher
  • Reveal-Sound Spire v1.1.14 or higher
  • Zebra 2
  • LFOTool V1.0 or higher
  • TP BassLane
  • FabFilter Pro-Q 2 and 3
  • FabFilter Pro-C 2
  • FabFilter Saturn
  • FabFilter Timeless 2
  • ArtsAcoustic Reverb
  • Classic Delay
  • WavesAudio
  • Endless Smile
  • Invisible Limiter (Not required but it's a nice to have to maximize the sound of your project).

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