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I made a project similar to Dash Berlin in Live 9. Its a nice project for those who want to learn how to make some progressive chords and nice fat basses.


The project contain 45 tracks and i used Sylenth1 version 2.2.1, Massive 1.3, Zebra2 and Sonic Academy Kick Nicky Romero, all midi tracks can be replaced with your favourite VSTi sound or Hardware, also the Piano and Orchestra are from Live 9 Max4live and can be replaced with Omnisphere, Sylenth1 or any VSTi.


The project contain automation, fx send, master channel and any type of setting you need to learn to produce your own tracks.


• DAW: Ableton 9
• Duration: 07:37
• Plug-ins used:
• Massive
• Sylenth1
• Zebra2
• Sonic Academy Nicky Romero Kick



Hope you like this project!




  For questions and support, please visit my profile  to contact me by contact form or ask by comment.




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