Vadim Bonkrashkov is proud to present their new « Omnia / Futurecode » FL Studio Template.

It is a brand new template produced in FL Studio and is executed in a modern and popular sound of trance artists Omnia / Futurecode.

In this template, you will find out how to build a modern trance production with powerful drums & basslines.

You get an insight on the processing of the individual channels, through the use of EQ, compression, distorsion, delay, reverbs and more.

Everything in the template is 100% Royalty Free.

In order take full advantage of the project, you will need:

  • FL Studio v20 or higher
  • Spire v1.1 or higher
  • LFO Tool
  • FabFilter Pro-Q 2
  • FabFilter Pro-MB
  • Decimort 2
  • ArtsAcoustic Reverb
  • Invisible Limiter (master channel only)

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