If you are producing Uplifting / Energetic Trance in FL Studio and would like to learn new tricks, get inspired and/or improve your sound faster, Tau-Rine – Uplifting Trance Template Vol. 1 (For FL Studio) is for you.

This template was created by talented producer Tau-Rine (also known for his releases on Extrema Global, Trancegression and Taurine Music).

Studying this project file will give you a great insight into the processing of individual channels and mixing uplifting & energetic trance in FL Studio, through the use of layering, equalization, compression, delay, reverb and more.

This template comes loaded up with full arrangement (as heard in the audio demo), mixing settings, FX chains, MIDI data, and automation.

Melody is copyrighted and provided for demo purposes only. But feel free to use any synth, effect sound and presets in your own tracks.

What do you get?

- The FL Studio template as heard in the demo

- All MIDI and Audio channels with FX chains and mixing included

- All the MIDI files included

- All the Audio files included

- All the Synthesizer presets included

- All sections (basslines, leads, FX, drums) are color-coded and named correctly so you know exactly what you are looking at.

- High quality modern sounding production

- Sounds exactly like the audio demo

Product Info:

DAW: FL Studio v20.6 or higher


  • Sylenth1 V3.064 or higher
  • Spire V1.1.13 or higher
  • Zebra2
  • Arts Acoustic Reverb
  • LUFTIKUS – Parametric EQ (FREE!)
  • SSL G384 Compressor (Modern Apophis) (FREE)
  • Sonic Anomaly SLAX (FREE!)
  • TAL Flanger (FREE!)
  • LFOTool
  • AOM Invisible Limiter (ONLY ON MASTER CHANNEL! Can be replaced with any other limiter that you like more)

Screenshot Uplifting Trance FL Studio Template

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