Another supremely fresh production, filled with gorgeous rising melodies ‘Uplifting Trance Template Vol.3 for FL STUDIO 20’.

What do I get?

- FLP (FL STUDIO Project files)

- Loops & Samples

- MIDI Channels: 28 (Drums, Bassline, Sub Bass, Leads, Arp, Melodies, Pads, Acid, Strings, Piano)

- Audio Channels: 19 Files

- Mixer Rack: 18 Channels

- Preset & Soundbank (Sylenth1)

- Mixing & Mastering

What can I learn from this product?

- Study how the arrangement was put together

- Find out which techniques were used to build tension within the track

- Learn from studying each individual track (MIDI / Audio)

- Find out how the mixing was done, and how each track was processed

- Learn how the melodies & bassline patterns were designed

- Learn from the synth presets included, which settings were used to make each type of sound

- Get inspired for your own productions

- Overall, an excellent way of learning more about producing Uplifting Trance Music in FL Studio

What do I need to open this template?

In order to take full advantage of this project, you will need :

- LennarDigital Sylenth1 v.2.2.1

- Reveal Sound Spire v.1.1.12

- ReFx Nexus 2 v.2.5

- Camel Crusher v.1.0.1

- Nicky Romero Kickstart v.1.0.9

- Valhalla VintageVerb v.1.0.0

- Drawmer S73 Intelligent Master Processor v.2.5

Project Compatibility : 

– FL STUDIO 20 v.20.0.2 or latest

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