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Groove Me Template:
Imagine having a pro Tech Trance producer come to your studio and adjust all your knobs and settings so your mix sounds amazing. Well, he's already done it and now you can download his midi - based logic 9 project, open it up and learn from a pro producer in the industry. We don't just give you a template on this one. You'll receive a full song to tear apart as well as a production notes document to help you learn why we made the moves we did. 
Our second installment in our Tech Trance Midi Templates
In this Tech Trance midi template, you'll learn: 
- Learn how to how to get vandguard synth sound and still have room for the rest of the mix
- Learn how to use micro tonic kits to create an interesting percussion loop that isn't too complex or heavy for the mix. 
- Learn how slight filter and pitch envelopes provide a variety of timbre and definition
- Learn how to create a reverse reverb tail cresendo
Plug-ins Required:
- Sonalksis Bundle
- Waves 9 Bundle
- PSPaudioware Bundle
- SoftTube Bundle
- D16 Group Audio Software Bundle
- Micro Tonic AU/VST
- Vanguard AU/VST

Logic Pro Template

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