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Logic Pro Minimal Techno Template by Luca Radojlovic
"Ready For Groove.” In this minimal Techno Template for Logic Pro 8+, Luca Radojlovic shows you that it’s not only possible to use Logic to create a stellar Minimal House track, but he does it using only native plugins and samples. 
Watch how Luca uses careful compression on sub groups, how he uses crafty automation during transitions and builds, and how he uses intentional lfo pitch automation to get a really cool “pitched- out” sound. There are few better equipped to show you the ropes of this popular genre.Download his minimal techno logic template and start learning from a pro!
Here’s a note from the man himself:
“I like to work with LFO a lot (you’ll see that in this file). One of my principal tricks, that I also share in this file, is to group channels by using bus routing to auxiliary channels. If you work this way, you can compress and equalizing more than one channel at once. This helps me create a really phat sound.”
Here's what's included:
- 1 Logic Pro 8+ Template fully designed and created by Luca Radojlovic
- 10 Royalty free midi files
- 33 channel strip settings
- 17 Customized Minimal House Instrument Patches
Mac Only!
◎ Plug-ins Required: FAW Circle AU/VST

Logic Pro Template

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