Hey! I am glad to present to you something not quite from my style. In addition to trance, I also love the heavy dark sound of drum and bass in the style - "Current Value".

Heavy beat and fat sub-bass sound. For such a combination, I created a lot of percussion layers along with a sample with a rather complex structure, which is very difficult to create from scratch if you have little experience in sound design, but you can have it in your collection. Plus two very interesting custom presets with my favorite 3xOsc.

This will make your work easier if you like to experiment with the classic sound of drum and bass and it doesn't hurt to have a ready-made solution in your collection.

ATTENTION this product for FL Studio 20.7.1.

OS used: Windows 10

- One Shoot Percussion

- Hich Quality Beat Sample

- Custom Lead

- Custom Bass

- 37 Channels

- 48 Plugins

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