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Hello! My new project for your FL Studio version 20.7.1 and above, with a set of unique sounds pumped with all sorts of effects.

Fat bass, unique sound and the ability to play with the settings flexibly, which gives the feeling that your sound is alive. When creating, I focused on special references from no less eminent NOISIA.

I've noticed lately that dubstep has been oversaturated with pretty standard sounds that you can find already in the form of presets in popular morph-based synths. If you work using them, then your chances of surprising or doing something new are extremely small, so I offer you a completely different approach that will also help save the resources of your studio computer.

No ready-made solutions, everything was developed in the course of very long experiments with effects and all kinds of faders.

Yes, the drum section consists of individual one shots, and is definitely unique.

RMS -3.0 Izotope Ozone 5 Test.

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