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Hey! My new template for FL Studio v. 20.7.1 and size in the spirit of "Prodigy"  for you at a low price.

I'm a huge fan of what Lime Howlett does, so I've always wondered if I could do something like this.


I went through a very large number of presets before I came across this interesting guitar set in Nexus 2.

It is a rare case when the sound of this synthesizer is as close to ideal as possible and does not require complex processing, because usually the presets in it do not sound much "muffled". It was very easy and pleasant for me to write this project. Perhaps you will also be interested to know from the inside how this track was prepared.

The coolest thing is that for the bass lines I used the native synthesizers of the sequencer.

One Shoot Drums! No loops for drums section.

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