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This template shows you how to make those driving Psy/Tech Basslines that Simon Patterson uses and shows you the advantages of including Fabfilter Saturn in your mixes.
Feel free to extend the project and finish your own song. I've also included a melody in the template.

• Duration: 01:43

• DAW: FL Studio

• Required Plug-ins:

> FabFilter Pro Q
> FabFilter Saturn
> Massive
> reFX Nexus2
> Sylenth1
> TP Basslane
> Valhalla Vintage Verb

(?)  Feel free to message me if you have any questions or need help with a project. Thanks!

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    Hello !

    What version of Fl Studio ?


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    Hi Max,

    Congrats - this song is fantastically well produced and impeccably mastered! Looking at the FLP, I'm trying to understand the general process of how you've approached the EQ'ing and mastering. It looks like you use Pro Q on each FX track individually, and then in the master your first instance of Pro Q 'flattens' it all, followed by various further ones that refine different aspects in finer and finer increments. But thats as far as I have gotten. Is there anything you could recommend as a resource to understand how to do this type of thing so well? Fabfilter had some very brief tutes, but they don't do it like you do!

    I checked youtube and you have a 5 hour tutorial but no speaking in it

    Thanks again - your templates really stand out compared to the others I've heard on this site and generally. Hope to hear you perform someday!


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    I should also say - if you were to record a 'mastering master class' video tute and stick it on producerbox I'd be happy to pay for that, too

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