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Following the ever growing popularity of the progressive house sound, I offer another taste of the Martin Garrix Style.

This Cubase template uses simple patches layered to vreate the famous lead sound.

Watch out for the Reverb settings in this particular style as this is what gives the overall tone.

I have created and sampled kicks and sub hits, just pitch up of dorwn the kick to your liking.

Very little is involved in recreating this sound other than the balance of the sounds, it really is a case of less is more.

Cubase Project Details

DAW: Cubase 5.1 (not tested on any other versions)

Length: 00:46
VST's used:

  • Arts Acoustic Reverb
  • Fabfilter Pro-C
  • Fabfilter Pro-Q
  • Massive
  • Sylenth1


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