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This is a short project I made in Live 9.1.3 with very nice saw and square chords sound.


The project contain 12 tracks channels (9 midi and 3 audio) each one with effects (EQ, Compressors, Delay, Chorus etc), also each channel is grouped with the VSTi and Effects and you just save them in your  Ableton Presets Instruments folder and load them later in other project with just one click.


<img src=" src="//" style="width: 16px; height: 16px;" /> Inside the folder project you can find the pretests/patches for each VSTi.


• For this project you need : Massive NI 1.3 and Sylenth1 2.2.1, MAC OSX and PC compatibility.

Ideal for Trance - House


<img src=" src="//" style="width: 16px; height: 16px;" /> Also available for Logic Pro & Bitwig Studio.


(?) Any question, just send a P.M.






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