Dubstep Vol. 2 For Ableton Live




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This is unstoppable deadly DUBSTEP, comes complete with everything you hear in the demo. Tight Drums, heavy REESE BASSES, rude old school FXx and wicked Vocal. This groove make your head shaking, but melodic intro immediately take attention, like a sad story in movie. Musicans and sound designers from DABROmusic love pure quality of production and experiments, that’s way you find many tasty sounds, ready for using in your own hits.

If You don't use 'Ableton9' You can reconstructed this project in any DAW using full lengthAudio Stems + ‘ NI Massive 1.3+ ’patches and midi files.


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Technical Info:

★    25 Channels;

★    5 Group Channels;

★    1 PreMaster Channel

★    2 Drum Rack Channel;

★    7 Audio Channels;

★    9 Midi Channels;

★    0 Return Channels;

★   1 Side Chain Channel;

★    MIDI Fles.

★    Audio Files

★    VST’s Plugins Required: NI Massive 1.3+ ;

★    Genre: Dubstep;

★    Key: Amin;

★    BPM: 70;

★    Total Length: 3,45;


Included in this Package:

✴Ableton 9 Suite Project File;

✴Bounced Full Length Audio Stems by Groups of Channels;

✴Midi with Patches for NI Massive 1.3+;

✴Project Files 64,2 MB;

✴Audio Stems 196 MB.







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