Glitch Hop Vol 1 for Ableton Live.


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Sweet surprise, producers of DABROmusic likes music of Joe Ford. So, meet tough and dangerous Glitch-Hop with incredible bass line and pure powerful drums, which you can edit or remodulate, because all setup can be changed how your soul want. 

No kidding, prepare to enter into the twisted world of Glitch Hop. With highest of music production standards, you will quickly be discovering your new music horizons.

If You don't use 'Ableton9' You can reconstructed this project in any DAW using full length Audio Stems + ‘NI Massive 1.3+’ patches and midi files.




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Technical Info:

  • 22 Channels;
  • 4 Group Channels;
  • 1 PreMaster Channel;
  • 11 Audio Channels; 
  • 5 Midi Channels;
  • 1 Return Channels;
  • 1 Side Chain Channel;
  • MIDI Fles;
  • Audio Files;
  • VST’s Plugins Required: NI Massive 1.3+ ;
  • Genre: Glitch Hop;
  • Key: G#min;
  • BPM: 95; 
  • Total Length: 2.24.

Included in this Package:

  • Ableton 9 Suite Project File; 
  • Bounced Full Length Audio Stems by Groups of Channels;
  • Midi with Patches for NI Massive 1.3+ ; 
  • Project Files 37.1 MB; 
  • Audio Stems 118.3 MB.



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