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Hey guys, here is my remix I did for the legend that is John Askew


This is a fullly mixed and mastered track for you to learn off.


• DAW: Logic Pro
• Duration: 07:45

• Plug-ins used

• Nexus
• Zebra2
• FM8


!!!  Use any sample or sound but you can not use this track as your own.



Hope you enjoy!





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Logic Pro Template

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    What's up Liam, I am a big fan of your work and the style you produce in. I have purchased this template and would like to ask you a small favor. Can you please send me the Channel setting (including synth VST and effects with the right EQ) you used to bounce all the basses? like bass layer 1, layer2 and the sub bass. Thank you, it will help me make that kind of bassline in another key!

  • Purchased

    sorry i don't mean send me the VST but the preset.

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