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Hello everyone

my name is Erik Johan Cadena, aka FlowMaster and i'm an electronic music producer.

I have always been fascinated by the world of music, I grew up in Italy but my roots are South American.In fact in my path i was very influenced by Latin sounds.

I listen to many different genres of music, I gradually learned to be appropriated unique style by mixing different types of sound I perceived in a lot of my musical culture.
Despite my young experience, I was able to wander on many fronts thanks to the training received to the "SAE institute" school of Milan.I am currently working on commission for private but I started a project that i will realize this year.

The project name is "Lonely Road" and will be my first EP, in which there will be mostly genre tracks of Trap music, but also , tracks with: Latin sounds, Jungle, dupstep, EDM, Bass Music, House, moombhaton and more.

You will feel my unique style, original and powerful, with deep bass and aggressive leads,impressive drums full of many kind of percussion, epic pads but also delicate sounds and sweeping melodies.

for now that's all.
if you like my work here in "" please supportme. i will realease more
FIles for your production 
Thank You.
Greetings from Italy.



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