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Ahmed Romel, Manuel Rocca, Roman Messer, Natalie Gioia, Type 41, Tony Sty, Danny Oh, Rene Ablaze, Aldo Henrycho, Alexander Zarichenetz, CASW!, Cosmic Heaven, Crystal Clouds, Dj Dreamy, Dj Marko, Dj Saginet, Dr Riddle, Emacore, Emre Colak, Fredd Moz, Gate of Paradise, Graeme Campbell, Indayo, Joe Cormack, Mohamed Mebarki, Myk Bee, Neos, Nick Turner, PavelT, Trance Divine, U-Mount, Chris Progstone, Angel Ace, Victor Prada, Misja Helsloot, Claus Backslash, Marc Van Gale, Veselin Tasev, Alex John, Addliss, Flekor, Tero A, DJeff, Aguerian and many more.

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Beyond The Start Recordings, Entrance Music, D-Max Recordings, Sundance Recordings, Alyf Recordings, Redux Recordings, Massive Trance Records.

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Country: Argentina

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