About Shamu

You've come to the right place for powerful, quality productions. I produce under a wide range of genres with 5+ years of experience. Supported by big industry names: Kennedy Jones, CRIZZLY, Jarvis, Trapstyle, Sunny Marleen, and more.

Music has been my passion for as long as I can remember. I was introduced to electronic music at a young age, and my love for this type of music evolved into a hobby, leading me to become a producer. I have 5+ years of experience, producing songs of various genres, and have an established background in the ghost production scene. I make all types of music. Ranging from dubstep, trap, house, drum & bass, classical, cinematic, and everything in between. I often mix various elements between genres, to try and get the next big sound. Being generic is not my style.

You may know me from my Spongebob Trap Remix which went viral on Facebook in 2016, garnering over 800K views on Trapstyle.